At XXX Gakuen, on one fine day...

There was a big commotion in the class. Then the teacher comes in and starts marking the roll call.

Everyone quiet, we have some new students from Osaka for exchange.

Ok girls, you can come in now.

Two girls entered the classroom. They were dressed differently from the usual school uniform.

Hey everyone, it's good to be acquainted. My name's Tomoe. Tomoe Catherine. Hajimemaste.

And I am Aoyama Yukina. Let's do our best!

She gave a seductive wink and the boys in the class got so excited.

Oh yeaaaah! Super kawaii! It's like she's some supermodel!

I hear she'd been in the fashion magazine for quite some time. Same goes with Catherine-san!

I'd like to check them out after recess! But we gotta hurry before others get to her. If you know what I mean.

Hehehe. I think there will be a better way...


Time to use that liquid that i got for RM 10. Hahahahaha. Pour it into their drinks and then...

So at another place, during recess...

Gosh, we almost got into a huge mess...So many boys wanna hang out with us, this will be a bit of a problem!

Did someone leak our information as magazine gravure idols? Certainly this will never happen if no one told anyone about that.

Anyways, we best try to avoid crowds as much as possible...

A crowd of male students appeared from all sides. And they were pretty close to them.

Heeey, i'd like an autograph from you, Catherine-san!~

Oh my, the sempai's are all so cute, i want to hug them so badly! Does that count as molestation?

....what? Can't I have my fun?

Eenope. Anyways, you can't touch them when I'm around.

There goes my chance to get off with the law....

Ack...there's so many of them..this is bad...

Catherine-san, what should we do? They're too close it's making me nervous and scared!

Suddenly there was a loud rumble from far away and the whole crowd of students were thrown all over the place.

Whoaaaa!!! *falls down* Holey crap, what the...

Touch them one more time, and I'll unleash a bag of WWE wrestling moves on you.

Without further ado, the brunette girl single handedly threw a nearby guy into him and flung him about like a baseball bat.

Aaaaaah!! *fell into a bunch of other guys*

Hey, that's our chance to run! Hurry!


They arrived at the baseball field and again were cornered by guys when suddenly....

Happened that today was the day when the foxgirls were practicing their baseball.

Hey boys, if you don't leave them alone...

....you're gonna have to face our combined wrath..eheheheh~!

Shit!! Run!! They're on fire!!

The hell you guys are standing there! Get to the library!!

Um but who are you? You're just a cat

Dipshit shut the hell up, can't you see you're being chased until the curse is lifted? Go the library and find of Sebs.

Who's that! Who's Sebs? What is going on?

Don't make me repeat myself! Hurry!!

Sempai, we better not let the cat repeat herself. We best go and meet Sebs, whoever he is.

Right! To the library!!

The library was dark and quiet. And when they arrived there, there wasn't anyone in sight!

Heeeey! Sebs!! We were told by a talking cat to see you!!

Suddenly a butler appeared from the fire and appeared to them.


Omigosh, are you really Sebs? You're like some kind of demon butler or something like that.

WHAT? how did you know? Everyone thought it was some kind of CG effect!!

Believe me, I knew when i saw it. So, tell us how to break the curse. So many boys are following us that it's not even funny.

Well..... To be honest-

There's nothing much i can really do. Ahahahaha.

Man, you're a fraud. A demon butler who cannot do anything about our situation.

Are you a demon really? Or everything is set up so that we'll be trapped in this alternate dimension full of crazy boys.

That's hitting below the belt actually. But you're right in a way.

This is all but a bad dream. All you need to do is to wake up from it.

And how do we even wake up? I can't pinch myself to wake up!!

A weird thingie appeared out of nowhere.

What the heck are you?

I am the source of the harrassment. Because I am the Fock King. That's what I do best. Mwahahahaha

Are you a retard or something? What have you done to Sebs??

No idea what you're talking about.

You will talk! *slaps the Fock King*


Suddenly the entire hall was sucked into some weird hole.

And they appeared above the earth...

And they were thrown to the moon.

Is this even for real? what have I done to deserve this?

God knows...

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