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うんとね、えっとね・・・ そうだ、8月31日病!
2013/05/29 01:39
49 pages


2013/06/05 23:23
21 pages

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フリクション 6

Ep.06 寒い日にはかじかんだ手を
2014/12/27 20:59

Merry Christmas!

hey everyone! merry christmas!
2014/12/26 16:02

Fight for Your Life (Part 6)

D-Did that really just happen..? I should run! But I don't know where I am. -sobs-
2014/12/21 04:37

Fight for Your Life (Part 5)

2014/12/20 19:09

Fight for Your Life (Part 4)

How much longer? My feet are killing me..
2014/12/20 18:25

Check Out Our Stories!

hello everyone! lovemuffin here! it's finally winter break for us so we can update a butt load of stuff!
2014/12/20 16:35

Fight For Your Life Character Profile

Current Year: 2067 Continent: Japan Plot: To decrease school population the government has come up with a annual week for students to go about killing one another. In return..
2014/12/20 15:52

Fight for Your Life (Part 3)

Let's do this, now let's go from top to bottom and wipe the hell out of everyone.
2014/12/19 16:15

Fight for Your Life (Part 2)

Why can't you try and smile once in awhile?
2014/12/18 16:58

Fight for Your Life (Part 1)

Good morning ~
2014/12/17 14:48