Welcome to Kimi-P!

Welcome to "Kimi-P!" that helps you represent your original story!

Let's bloom the plot drawn in your brain with variety of characters.
It takes just 5 minutes to complete it.

It's a little inconvenient for many users but this web site is originally in Japanese.
Localization for English users has been almost done, and consider to translate other languages in future.

However, don't hesitate to try to start it now.
It must be easy for you to realize your original story!

Your Feedback, Request and Question is welcomed any time!
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"Kimi-P!" Staff
  • Director: Nobunari Neyoshi
  • Art Designer: Akihiro Mitome
  • Engineer: Takeshi Sone
  • Character Graphics: kyuri
  • Character Graphics: Chiruwo Kazahana
  • Character Graphics: Rin Yamaki
  • Character Graphics: Satsuki
  • Supervisor & Script: Jinshichi Minato
  • Supervisor: Izuru Yumizuru
  • Supervisor: Norihiro Watanabe
  • Special Thanks: All Users!

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