So~ Wanna hang out sometime? Or today?

I guess I can hang out for a bit.

But first may we visit Aiko's shrine?

NO! Why would we?! I hat-

You what? Why do you hate Aiko? She's very sweet.

You don't know EVERYTHING about her.

"Oh look at me! I'm Aiko! I'm so nice! I am all my teachers' pet! I get good grades! I get all the cute guys, but I refuse since I'm too nice!!"

She got everything I wanted!! Love, affection, REAL friends, cute guys who'd ask her out, and....


Forget I said anything!!! You don't need to know who I wanted!!

"You don't need to know who I wanted..." Why would she say that?

Ah~ What a great day at work! I got lots of tips! WooHoo!

Yo! Yunii! What you up to?

I just got done with my shift, so I'm free!

(whispers: Isn't that Ms.Hana?)

(whispers back:I think it is!)



Oh! Yunni and Sukki! So nice to see you!

May I ask, why did you look so depressed over there?

Oh,well,you see, my best friend who passed away 5 years ago who's name is Aiko. I met her older sister today...and she said she hated Aiko.

Oh...I'm really sorry Ms.Hana..I shouldn't have brought it up...

I am really sorry about your best friend's loss...truly I am..(whispers to Yunni:Be careful what you ask next time, okay?

I guess I'll see you two later, okay? I'm going to visit her shrine. Good day girls.

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