“Hot Springs crisis(12.end”

Well it's time to get going!

I'm glad we all had fun this weekend!

And met such a cute boy and girl!! Ai and Ei!

That too~<3

Together: Thank you Ayumi sempai and Ms.Suzuki!

Together: Bai bai!! We're all so glad to have met you both!

After the long hike back to the bus back to school.Ai and Ei went back to their own group.Both groups kept in touch.

Well wasn't that fun?!

Aw~I'm going to miss Ai and Ei...even though I just met Ei.

Wah! Me too!

Aw~Miss that little man..

Together: Same here...

Well, I'm kinda glad he's gone!

I totally agree with you bro!

Aw~ You guys are so heartless!!

At least show a little bromance hood.

Together: Well..We don't want to.

Please? For me Yuki?

Okay, if it means that much to you..I do miss him a little.

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