Ian Cheah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Guess who wants to join?

Daniel Atticus Soon no idea

Ian Cheah Do you know now?

Daniel Atticus Soon subjugator or somesuch?

Ian Cheah Mhm XD

Ian Cheah Do not let him in.

Apple Bloom Who's he anyways? Freaking persistent bugger.

Ian Cheah Same guy who destroyed or docs that time

Apple Bloom I thought that was Apocalyptical Delusion?

Don't tell me he changed his name and is trying to get in here now?

Ian Cheah Yeah I was watching his account He changed his name.

Apple Bloom They always come back to the scene of the crime...

Daniel Atticus Soon lol spam join notifications

Ian Cheah I have a plan

Derrick Jonathan Arrais it's spamming Project Equestria and I think the Singaporeans encountered him too

Ian Cheah Add him and immediately perma ban

Apple Bloom Dat persistence... I was thinking the exact same thing...

Ian Cheah I'll get ready to ban, you guys watch for anything

Apple Bloom Sure thing. *unsheates blades, now glowing blue*

Ng Guang Ze lol trolls against trolls

Ian Cheah LOL I can't even add him XD

Apple Bloom Those notifications are freaking fast lol!

And apparently Derrick says it's attacking the other side frequently as well!

Ian Cheah Macro?

Daniel Atticus Soon you sure its apoc delusional or w/e his name is?

Apple Bloom I'll bet it is a macro.

Ian Cheah Yes, he changed his name a little after the attack to this one

Derrick Jonathan Arrais Damn it, he's spamming my project group

Aaron Bobo Mufasa Lee i warned u guys last time didnt i? he changed the doc last time left a trail.

so FB tracked him when he changed his name

Apple Bloom Smart ass. Since he can't sabotage, he'll annoy the heck out of you now. Well, the admins at least...

Ian Cheah We could just leave him there...

Aaron Bobo Mufasa Lee Ushumgal Subjugator

Apple Bloom Seems to have stopped, though.

Aaron Bobo Mufasa Lee from last time he changed my doc. i knew that he changed his name long time ago

and i warned the admins. but after sooooo long only now he take action LOL

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Ushmal Subjugator strikes! What is MBS gonna do about it??


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