『N.ToB.NSW: Canberra SS #4』

Sally Elise Corrigan: Hey guys, I would like to admit something about my first Brony Meet up.

I loved it at the beginning but then I started to feel a bit left out.

I tried my best to fit in as best as I could. But, me being me, I knew I would stuff up somehow.

I started getting emotional and I don't know why. During the last episodes I began to cry. Hoping that none of you would notice.

And you didn't. I felt as though I had ruined everything because I lost Haydn's wallet at the park

and without that we wouldn't have been able to get in to the church.

But they went back to the park and flub it under the tree.

I'm sorry to everyone, but this is the last meet up I am going to. But thankyou for most of the day on Saturday.

George Pulley "Applejack: I couldn't come home a failure."

"Twilight Sparkle: Applejack, you're not a failure."

"Rainbow Dash: And we're your friends! We don't care if you came in fiftieth place! You're still number one in our books. "

"Applejack: So... you're not upset, or disappointed? Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle: Nn-nn. "

Applejack: But what about the mayor? I don't think I can face her and tell her I didn't get that money to fix the broken roof. "

"Fluttershy: Applejack, we can always find a way to fix that hole in the roof."

"But if you don't come back, we'll never be able to fix the hole in our hearts."

Sally, you're most welcome to do whatever you want. But the more we don't get to see you, the more we'll miss you.

And what else are friends for if not to help people feel just a little better?

Myles O'Neill What George said

Jono Parrington What George said and what Myles linked :)

Nurie Salim Awwwww Sally!!! I had no idea you were feeling this way, and I'm sorry you weren't feeling included.

I would have talked to you more if I'd have known.

The thing to keep in mind is that a lot of us were probably really shy and mostly kept t...

Luke Garry Why can't the NSW group be this nice =P

Matt Fogarty not to mention people were tired, then again i didn't do much in groups either.

Aaron Strife that would be my guess. The first half you might have enjoyed cause people were playing and stuff

the last half you might have felt like people were ignoring you but i think everyone was just tired as hell x.X

even i had to go have a quick nap in the car at 1:30

Haydn Allen Everyone was very tired much like myself I even needed a nap

and then had to go to work the next day also as for the wallet we found it and had a good night so it was all good :)

Ryan Lavender Aww, I'm sorry! If I'd noticed I would have talked to you more

Honestly, I believe everyone was a bit shy, and mostly sticking to the people they knew, I know I did!

Sally Elise Corrigan But I only knew pretty much 2 people there. Ian and Haydn.

And they were both busy being with their friends and I didn't want to bother them so I sat in the corner by myself.

Ian Marchant Believe me, we wouldn't have minded you joining us.

Sally Elise Corrigan I have no idea how to play DnD to me it's just boring.

No offense. I would have preferred to play Trackmania or Gran Turismo 5.

George Pulley ‎Sally, I saw you listening to your Ipod, hugging Fluttershy next to the game I was running.

I thought you were having a nap, like Andrew. I'm sorry I ignored you.

I guess I wasn't like Pinkie as much as I thought. I can't change what has happened, only change what might happen later.

If you make it to the next one, I not only promise to sing a song specifically for Sally (alliteration!!)

but I will introduce you to the people I met during my first meet up, and this one too.

Maybe all we need is a Pinkie who knows everypony in Ponyville...I mean Canberra.

Owen Nicholson Oh, gosh. We forgot to look out for you, damn

I guess I got too wrapped up getting the board games running to keep an eye out for you and any other who may have been left out.

Please don't stop coming!

Ryan Lavender You should have played the D&D game, it was far more like a board game then actual D&D.

Please come! Pinkie Pie demands it!

Luke Garry Our group's actually trying to organize over skype DnD games that are specially made

around the FIM universe.

We will bring them to reality and next time we come to ACT if it's ready, you're coming :3

Gavin Vonhoff ‎ Sally, you don't have to go to every meet or everything pony-related

but I encourage you to keep going to some. You will be glad you did in the long run.

I was in the same boat a few years ago. I'd just moved to Canberra and as a long-time introvert and gentleman of nerdy tastes

had literally no social outlets. Zero. I suffered for it, until I found a group of friendly, like-minded people who - not knowing or caring who

I was - invited me around to their meets. In the beginning there were many times I really didn't want to go along,

but I made myself, and almost always had fun. Now, I can't imagine life without them.

Hang around. You won't regret it.

George Pulley Dear Princess Celestia,

When you first sent me to Ponyville I didn't know anything about friendship.

I met somepony tonight who was having the same problem - your sister, Princess Luna

She taught me that one of the best things you can do with friendship is to give it to others and help them find it themselves.

Like Princess Luna on Nightmare Night, all you need is some ponies to show that they care.

We care. We always care. No matter the Pony, no matter the time.

Maybe Saturday was a just a bit of a Derp, I just don't know what went wrong.

Jordan Ross I personally think we should get a bunch of us just to hang out during a weekend just casually no big events

just hanging out chilling maybe playing some video games/card/board games

just chatting and having fun start off during the day

Nurie Salim This is what I would like as well!!

Ryan Lavender What Jordan said, would be AWESOME!

Luke Garry You guys should like, come to NSW for a weekend in a mass group and we'll hang and stuff.

Jono Parrington I am in concurrence.

Jordan Ross and look I might no have come across that way but im relatively shy I just did my best to talk to people

that day because I literally knew no one in canberra, and I can understand how difficult it can be talking to people

but as I said I would love to have a weekend where you haydn and some others came along and just

made a day of hanging out and getting to know each other

Luke Garry But yeah, NSW, we came to you, you come to us, we love you long time and stuff.

Jordan Ross Lol

Luke Garry I won't stop poking the dead horse (No pun intended) until you guys come up our way.

I mean come on, Koroshi-Ya, internet celebrity brony musician lives there... despite the fact he's a fuckwit and all.

Jordan Ross Lol

Its relatively inexpensive to come up to sydney from canberra isnt it? my only issue with it is having somewhere to stay :P

Ryan Lavender I think that's everypony's issue, where to stay.

Luke Garry There's enough people in the group who are more than willing to help you guys out :)

All you guys gotta do is get here and we can take care of the rest :)

Christoph Uhle Yeah, you can get to sydney for like $15

Luke Garry Then take that $15 and come our way :3

I mean shit, this weekend we've hired out a cinema to watch pony episodes! :P

Yeah, I really wanna go to that, but won't be able to which sucks

Luke Garry Ah well, you guys are gonna come here for a meet sooner or later :)

Christoph Uhle Of course

Jordan Ross Eeyup

Arkuz Cameron Wong Luke is the admin because I'm a monster who feeds on people's miseries.

With that said, I forgot what I was going to say.

Josh Lancaster Don't make this the last meet up you go to. Aren't you only 16, which is the youngest there?

Im only 15, i need someone young to be with when I come. Please oh, please keep coming along, Sally. Please.

Christoph Uhle I don't think age really matters when it comes to these meet ups, in the end we're all brony (and we know it).

Ryan Lavender Age doesn't matter, but don't not come just because you feel shy or anything, that's what friends are for!

Josh Lancaster Yeah, imagine if Fluttershy just never hung out with the other ponies because she was to shy….

Christoph Uhle I was the same at the first Meet up I went to, pretty much didn't talk to anyone

except the people I already knew.

But once you get to know most of the people it makes things alot easier

Luke Garry See Sally, dat brony family love :)

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