“Androids..(the conclusion..”

Okay Takai! Come out and fight me like a man! Or are you a wuss?!

Kyon I'll take you on! I'm stronger than I look! I know akido!

So you think you can outfight me? Ha! Come and fight me!

Together : Transform!!

Together : Supah Kawaii Punch and Kick!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ *spirals into the portal of DOOM* @__@

Together : Haha! Defeated! Aiko's soul can now rest in peace!

Well done you two. May Aiko's spirit be with you. Farewell.

Wait! Why don't you come live with me or Reiko? And live a normal life as a human?

Really? Then I'd love to live with you as your daughter!

Ehh?! But I'm only 20 and you supposed to be 15! We're only 5 years apart!

I was kidding. I want to live with Reiko. As a family again.

Why with me? I I just ruin thing for you.

Well, you are my sister, Reiko. And as an android I may not have feelings. But I can still compute it.

Aw~ come here you! *hugs tightly*

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

Wait just a second!! We were supposed to be in this! My contract said stardom!! We were the special guests!

Ugh~ just get me a frappachino with extra caramel and chocolate, and I'll be fine.

Fat fat fat!! That's what you'll be if you keep on drinking those!! Ugh~ you never listen to what I say! Blah, blah, blah! Wakka!

Ho-hum. I wonder what game or anime I'll star in next?

Are you even listening?! Huh?! Blah blah blah blitty blah blad blah blah bitty blah!! Wakka wakka!! Bloop bloop!! You dumb###!!!

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