In Western culture the word "wizard" can mean a lot of things. and it doesn't need to be magical.

For example, in this conversation here we get to see how the word "Wizard" can be expanded.

Hey yo Makoto, that nigger sold me some of that wizard weed, and i smoked 4 blunts in a row and wasn't high.

well she was smoking drugs. And drugs are also called "wizard" too. Don't smoke weed, kids. It's bad for you

I wonder if these 'shrooms' are any good..

I don't know lets call the wizard!

And so basically they used wizard again for a drug dealer. Again, kids, don't smoke.

There are a lot more uses to the word "Wizard" which isn't related to drugs. So then...

Ah, i don't have a girlfriend yet. Nor haven't had sex yet. That's too bad.

Ahh!!! Wizard spotted!!


So a wizard here can also mean a 30 year old virgin. or an older person who haven't lose his virginity yet.

And last but not least, we have "wizards", people who think they know English, but actually don't know how to use it.

Because we have so little time, we won't go into that. Until then, see you in the next chapter

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From Author

A term used to denote marijuana. Best used whilst in front of authority figures, or when making a simple jest to a friend. Due to the obvious magic inducing p


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