“The new student(6.Hot Springs crisis.2”

Sorry I'm late!

Don't worry about it!

May I ask..what's with the outfit Ms.Suzuki?

It's my maid/detective outfit! Especially for hunting down people like the school board!

I have the weirdest teacher...

Why are you late?!

Because I was working! You unemployed chick!

Wha-?!I dare you to say that to my face again! And see what happens!!

Oh please, you couldn't even touch a cockroach in our classroom! So how can you say you can fight?

Enough!! Both of you!!! We are all here to proceed with the plan of changing the minds of the school board! Not to hear you two lovebirds fight!! Understand me?!?!

Together: We're sorry Ayumi Sempai....

Now let's begin!

Mello,You will be with me and Ms.Suzuki! Alluring the men of the school board.

Wha-?! Me!? I can't do that! I'm only 14! You are 17! And Ms.Suzuki is 24! And you two are fully chested! Unlike me! At least switch me and Suzumi!

Oh come now! Just because you are a "little" flat chested, doesn't mean you can't allure those men, Mello! Ahahaha!!

Did you just call me "flat chested?" I'm not "that" flat am I?

Both: Ahahahahaha!!!!!


Together: Ahahahahahahaha!!

Why,oh,why do you all hate me so?

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