[Atiqah Lukman] I go inactive for a few days and what is this.

[Kevin Applebuckshot Lim] Well, there was a meetup with a Caucasian guy, Luqman started a nerd club,

..couple of guys were being a dick to Felix and he swore and got kicked. I guess that's it.

[Ananda Kang] And a certain pony just gets snarkier and snarkier by the day.

[Shawn Tyrant Phang] I would stick a finger in and protest at that story. But I think we have enough drama for a day :/

[Darren Koh] So basically, business as usual.

[Kevin Applebuckshot Lim] I'm not snarky! D: And I've read the whole post, what I said is exactly what I saw.

Maybe you guys know him for longer and know more about him than I do so what I know of the situation wasn't exactly accurate.

But anyway I don't think anyone here wants to mull over this. I sure as hell don't.

[Timothy Leong] Perhaps you read the edited post, after all the cursing, swearing and spam has been removed. Anyway, forget that.

[Ananda Kang] Good heavens, whatever made you think I was referring to you?

[Kevin Applebuckshot Lim] Well Atiqah wasn't being snarky in the least. And hers is the only other post above mine.

Unless you're referring to stuff someone said that's not in this post. But without mentioning who it is there'd be no real way of telling who you were referring to.

Which would make the post pretty redundant. Which is why the person you were mentioning must have commented here. And I'm the only one.

...have I been analyzing it right?

[Atiqah Lukman] I think it's time for a letter~

[Kevin Applebuckshot Lim] ‎*only one before you

[Gratiano Tan Ze Nuo] ‎ *cough* Ye- *shot*

[Stephanie Stape Shepard ] Letter? D:

[Ananda Kang] Lol. I wouldn't expect you to think otherwise. But you're folloing this train of thought out of paranoia.

It would seem as though you are already aware of how other people view you as a person.

Why then, would you reckon for them to think of you that way?

[Gratiano Tan Ze Nuo] Nah, I think this was an isolated incident. I didn't even know of it until this post.

[Kevin Applebuckshot Lim] Because there are some... less pleasant people recently that I've dealt with rather...

...unprofessionally. No matter. I aim to redeem myself in the eyes of my people.

[Ananda Kang] I don't want to drag this on, so I'll leave my closing statement here.

Drop the whole presumtuous, smarter-than-thou act.

[Kevin Applebuckshot Lim] Whoa. Relax, man. I know my limits.

[Tan Yew Hui] Lol Felix sudden rage surprised me. :p

[JianZhi Ng] So much flame war these days

[Alex Neé Bon Mot] Also, the old Alex got kicked.

[Aeron Ng] Did someone say flame war? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly3OTtXdJEg

[Alex Neé Bon Mot] ‎Aeron Ng, Lolololol, Dick Figures was one of my favourite shows.

[Raver Scratch] Kicked temporarily? :c

[Shawn-Glorium Est Imperator-Ang] The Princeps senses discord... :3

[Calvin Goh] Sorry, I can't help but notice... is that some sort of warning thing? Like how you would say 'Strike One' in baseball?

[Shawn-Glorium Est Imperator-Ang] Yes. It means that this post has caught my attention and I'm keeping watch on it.

[Kenneth Chor Ching Kai] Just inactive from the group for 2 days and that happened ._.

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