『Hot Springs crisis(6.』

Onee chan?

Is something wrong?

Would it be okay if I met your friends?

Sure! I don't mind a bit!

Wow! You're so nice Onee chan!

Hey guys! This is Ai. He got separated from his tour group. Everyone please be very understanding and nice.

Hi! My name is Yukkii! Nice to meet you Ai! If you need help with anything, you can ask me! M'kay?

Oh wow! Okay! Thank you Yukkii! Has anyone told you, that you are very pretty?

No..no one has actually..Thank you!

Hi! I'm Yuki. If you have any troubles at all, please don't be afraid to ask.

Thank you Yuki!

Yo! What's up Ai?! My name is Kyo! If you have any questions about women, ask me! Ok?

Ok! I actually do have a question...

Ask me later! I have to pee...

Hello Ai! I'm Suzumi! Nice to meet you! Hehehe! You are so cute! Like a sweet, innocent brother!

Thank you! You are very pretty too! Just like Onee chan and Yukkii!

Oh! You are too cute!! Thank you!

Well hey there little man! I'm Ayumi! You are too cute! Who'd want to leave you behind!?Ahaha!

You're very, very pretty Ayumi sempai! I'm glad I'm here with all of you!

Aw~ Thanks sweetie!

Well, aren't you just darling! I'm Ms.Suzuki! I'm glad you are with us Ai!

Thank you Ms.Suzuki! You too are pretty like Ayumi sempai!

Ok gang! Let's get moving now that Ai is with us!

Please make sure everyone has a partner! And stay with your partner! No one is left behind okay? Let's go!

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