“How I met my powers Part. 1”

Tomorrow is the end of summer vacation.

I don't have even have enough money to buy a 3DS, PS4, or a Wii U. (Kyon's goals for the summer)

You say you need money, right?

Oh Glob! Who are yo-

My name is Tomoe Yoshiko. I'm an old samurai spirit from the past. If you'd like, I could get some money for you.

In order to get the money I have to have a physical form. And by that I mean I need to borrow your body.

Wait before I accept, you won't do anything weird will you?

I'll make sure nothing bad happens to your body.

Also when I'm apart of you, your soul will be connected to mine. I could show myself at any time I want.

(whisper) Plus you won't even remember what happened after I show.

Sounds sketchy, but...

I accept!



What a fool Kyon is.

Well off to work then!

Kimchi here! Right now we're having a break, so we thought we should introduce this new character!

Name: Tomoe Yoshiko Age: 100+ (he's a spirit that looks the age of 22)

Well that's about it. On to the show!

Oh! I've got to go to!

In the town.

S- so many shops, cooks, and people!


W-What?! Cosplay?

Aww... He ran away.

1 hour of searching for a job later...

Hello miss! May I have a job here?

Of course you can! You can start today, but first change into this.

Does this look right?

Hehehe... It's perfect!

15 minutes of how to do your job later...

You got it all?

Yes miss. Thank you for your help.

No problem! Now we have to get to work.

Welcome home, milady.

Now aren't you just precious!

I'm Tomoe Yoshiko, and I'll be the one who'll serve you today.

Please come with me to your seat.

Here is your seat madam.

Thank you very much!

About 8 hours later of working...

Finally back home.

Oh no. I'm losing consciousness.

I feel so tired for some reason. I'll just sleep it off.

THE END? see more in part 2!

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From Author

This is like a flash back/reason on how Kyon turns into a samurai in "Emerge from Within."


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