“Как сцеживать грудное молоко руками?”

I saw boobs in the thumbnail so I clicked.

Back when I was too scared to look at actual porn I used to jerk off to this image.

Dude what

One of the first boobs I saw on the internet

boobs lol

Big boobs

nice titty

perverted f*cker.

go f*ck your mother

You are a pervert.

and you're gay XD

No I am no.

yes u r fagg XD

I'm done

good, take a hike fagg

what a crappy conversation

can't stop laughing

this is supposed to be educational video not your little want to be p*** site

Consult immediately... all these doctors are quick to get people to come to them but who the fuck is paying the bill?

One of our biggest debts here in the US.

Is she dead ? Or is it a dummy ? She isnt moving

Well, it can make men easy to jerk off if these scenes are happening on their female partners.

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