“Beauty is the Beast (pt. 1)”

Malina: Agh... Dad, I'm not ready for high school.

Dad: Ah! Don't worry! Everything will be fine! Plus I'm sure mom would want to see you happy, right?

Malina: O-oh right!

Dad: Well, have a good day then!

Dad: Bwa~ I want my little girl to be happy!

Malina: Woah... This school is so big. I don't even know where to go...

Malina: Uwah~ What am I going to do...?

???: Hey!! Hai!! You seem lost?!

Malina: A-ah! I am actually!

???: Well I'll be glad to help you out, if you'd like?

Malina: O-oh thank you! By the way, what's your name?

Kyon: Name's Kyon! And your's?

Malina: Malina, thanks.

Kyon: Well.... LET'S GET TO TOURING!!!!

Chibi Malina: Ohohoho~ We're skipping the tour part, it takes too long!

???: Does it?

Chibi Malina: U-Uh.... *scared* Bye!!

Malina: Thanks a lot Kyon! I think I know how to get around now, haha.

Kyon: Hey no problem! If you need anything else, come find me and I'll help out anyway I can, alright? See you 'round!

*crashes into a random person*

???: Yo! Watch where you're going yo-

???: Malina?!

Malina: E-eh? You know me??

???: Ack! Don't be silly! It's me Alana!

Malina: A-Alana?! Oh my gosh, you got uh more mature! And you changed your hair color and style..

Alana: Hehe I know~ I changed once I hit Jr. High!

Malina: You looked so different the last year of middle school... I-I stayed the same... *a bit jealous*


Alana: Malina!! I'm going to miss you!!

Malina: O-oh please don't be so sad. I'll probably come back in high school

Alana: *scary voice* You PROMISE?

Malina: I-I promise! Just don't be so scary A-Alana...

Alana: Hahaha I'm just messing with you.

Malina: AUGH!!! DON'T BE SO MEAN!!

Alana: Aww I'm sowwie than

Malina: Thank you :P

Malina: Y-You changed so much..well your looks but not your attitude ha-ha...

Alana: Well~ if you want to change also... I can help you *devious voice*

Malina: A-Alana!! I am not goi-

Alana: Aww..pwetty pweese?

Malina: NO ALANA!

Alana: Pweese?

Malina: Ahck! Fine!!

Alana: Hehe yay!! C'mon! *grabs her arm and drags her*

Malina: Ahhgh...I don't think I made a good decision..

Alana: So sport~ ya ready or what?!

Malina: A-ah um Alana? I don't think I want to go through with this at all..

Alana: Oh pish posh, don't you want that "Kyon" guy to pay more attention to you? *sly voice*

Malina: Well..yes but I want him to like me because of my personalty not my outer appearance Alana.

Alana: Aw c'mon~ you know you want to~

Malina: Sorry but I can't do it.

Alana: Okay, whatever! Just go!

Malina: Um alright, see you.

???: So, did you get through to Miss Malina?

Alana: Pssh, nope. She's so stubborn just like in Jr. High. Aishh...

???: Ah, well why is that? Is it because she has a brain?

Alana: I know but..ahgh forget it!

???: What? You're jealous of her? Because she has guys after her and not you?

Alana: S-Shut it! That's not why!

???: Uh-huh it is, or else you wouldn't be too quick to defend yourself like that. It's because she has natural beauty isn't it?

Alana: Augh...yeah that's right. That's why I changed so much thinking I would get more attention than her.

???: But it didn't work, did it?

Alana: Ugh...nope it didn't work at all. She still has all the luck in the world. Even after I changed my hair, looks, body shape...

nothing seems to go my way at all.

???: No one said life was fair and that you'd get whatever you want Alana.

Alana: Whatever! I'm going out!

???: Gosh, I didn't know she was so sensitive.

Malina: Daddy~ I'm home!

Dad: Ah welcome back home darling! How was school? Made any new friends?

Dad: Meet any boys???

Malina: A-ah daddy, I met Kyon (yes he's a boy) but I also ran into Alana!

Dad: Ahaha okay, how is she doing?

Malina: Well, she changed A LOT!

Dad: Wait..did you say you met a boy?!

Malina: Y-yes but he's very helpful daddy, he helped me and showed me around the school.

Dad: Alright, but if he tries to flirt with you, you tell me right away!!

Malina: It's nothing like that daddy, I just met him haha.

Dad: But still~!!! I don't want my little girl to grow up too fast!! Wahhh~~

Malina: I-I won't daddy, trust me okaie?

Dad: That's my girl! *sniff sniff*

Malina: Well I have to start on my homework daddy, so if you need anything I'll be in my room, okay?

Dad: A-alright darling!

Three hours of studying and homework passes..

Malina: *yawn~* Ugh....I hate homework!


Malina: *picks up phone* Oh hey Alana! What's up?

Malina: *still on the phone* You want me to what? Meet you at central square? Alright, see you than!

Malina: Daddy~ I'm going out to meet up Alana!

Dad: Alright! See you soon darling! Remember to come back home at 8:00!

Malina: A-A-ALANA!?! AHHHH!!!

Malina collapses onto the floor unconscious and stays frozen...

Alana: Aw~ so sorry love, I had to do that to you. Muhaha! *evil grin*

What happened to Malina? Why did Alana knock her out? What was the purpose? Was she jealous? Yes...Beauty is the Beast.

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