“3 ways to get a girl!”

Dudes! Do you want to get a girl? Well here are 3 easy steps to get one!! Check it out!

Step one: Introduce yourself and talk about each others interests! Like so--->

Hi there! I'm Yuki! What's your name?

My name is Ahnii! Nice to meet you, Yuki!

Okay! Since you introduced yourselves already, talk about your interest!--->

I special in drawing, singing, and math. And I hope to pursue a great future with a special girl!

Wow! Me too! Except I want a nice supportive husband later on in the future!

Success!! Now move on to wooing her! Each day compliment her! If it's the same thing everyday, she's not going to be impressed.

Wow! I really love what you did to your hair!

Oh thanks! I just trimmed it a little but, thanks!

I think you have a cute smile!

Wow! Thanks! You too! But you're a female, and you always have a cute smile!

Wow! Fast! Step 3! Ask her out in a nice, simple way.

Umm..would you like to go out with me sometime?

I'd love to!!

Cool! Meet you here after school?

Ok! Bye!

Well there you have it!! 3 simple steps to get a girl!

I hope it was helpful! If it wasn't, please don't be afraid to comment mean! I love HATERS!!

See you guys later in another simple step video!!! Bye bye!!!!!

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