“Hot Spring crisis(8.”

Ugh~I think I've had enough...-_-" I think I have a lot of bruises and cuts..

It was YOUR idea. Not mine. It's your own fault! And get out of that getup! The girls will kill you if you still have it on!


(Hmm..still didn't break Ai and the girls up yet..hmm..?)

Hmm..that trash can wan't there before was it? Or am I just seeing things?

No...It wasn't there when we hiked here.

What if there's a creeper or some weird stalker in there???(Or worse..RAPIST!?!?!?)

Don't worry! If there is, me, Mello, and Ayumi will kick his butt!!

Yeah! So don't worry! Okay, Suzumi?


I saw that can move!! I think there IS something in there!! *someone jumps out*


Together : Take this!! Full METAL BLAST!!!! *POW!!!* BAM!!* *WHAM!!* *BOOM* *CRASH!!* *KO.

Take that CREEPER!!

Wait no MORE!! It's just me!! Yuki!!

What are YOU doing in there?? *DOOM*

F-funny story I jus--

I didn't ask you to tell me your life story. Why. Are. You. In. THERE?!?!!?!?

I thought you were spending too much time with Ai..and ignoring me..

That's it?

Yes m'mam..

Well you could've told me that! I wouldn't mind!


Yeah! And don't worry, Ai is just like a little brother to me. You, you are special to me.I'd never ignore you. And if it felt that way, don't hesitate to tell me,ok?

Wow! Okay!

Now...shouldn't you be on the mens' side of the onsen?

Oh you are right!! Bye Mello chan!!

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