“Reasons Kanye West is Hated”

The fact that he is breathing the same air as me pisses me off.

lol so mad at a guy you dont even know

You use to like kanye west but after his mom passed he just started to act that way

No, I never liked him.

Nice comment Alan

or u can just fart a bit more --- we breathe air ... he can have our fart

yep agreed


jackson makes me mad too

lol you sound like a prick

I only sound like, you are a full on prick...just like Kanye.

lol whatever man thats some pricky stuff to say... youre too good to share air with him haha

And a guy that says he's better than the Beatles and claims to be a god isn't a prick? Pretty big talk for a guy 53 million dollars in the hole.

not saying he isnt one

he isn't broke

other way around

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