『Heart Keeper Episode 10』


Real quiet...

-sigh- She's at work and who knows where that idiot is.

I would check to see how Ume's doing but I just sent her home...

Maybe I'll go for a walk.

...It was a fun time, but I wish it would have lasted longer than it did.

That was an interesting story.

I wonder when our food's gonna get here?

Hayate, you have to be patient. This place is really packed today.

Hm...that is true.

Plus...I want to ask you a important question.

In His Head:Hayate: Oh no here it comes...

Well I...I understand you're a...play boy, but...

Don't you think you could settle down with one girl for awhile?



W-Why not?! Mei's really hurt you know and-


So, you came to talk to me about Mei.


I know you're her friend and everything but to really go on a "date" with me just for this is really absurd.

W-What!? I went on this date because it's a date with you! I just wanted to bring Mei up because-

You're Mei's friend yet you're here on a date with her crush. I know it's just a date but to be so heartless like this...to your own friend.

I- but I....

I do like you but you are just!

Don't bring up Mei when I'm suppose to be on a "date" with you. This date is done, I would appreciate it if you got out of my sight.



Geez, I hate dealing with woman like that. I guess I was drawn in by her looks.

Great, now I have no one to enjoy the meal with... -looks out window-




Yo, Emi!

You made another girl run off crying again.

Look the date went sour, HER mistake.

You should come eat the meal we ordered with me since she left!

....I really hate you...


You don't take responsibly for your actions, you don't care what you do to others, and you're just plain heartless.

You take people's hearts from them, play with them and then stomp them into the ground. Yet they're stupid enough to return to you.

...that's their fault.


Are you gonna eat with me or not?

....Heart keeper.

Wait what? Emi!?

Great~ Now I have to eat all that food by myself...

Why does he do that people...

He's like every man out there...


No...he does have something different...

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Hayate pushes tings to the limit and gets the name of the title.


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