“Halloween's Over”

hello! im lovemuffin.

Halloween's over. T^T

it's fine, because then thanksgiving is coming were we get to eat a ton of-

Food. We get to eat a ton of food, gain like 5 pounds, and tons of girls freak out about it.

shhhhhh!!!! We need to discuss about the story we're gonna do after, "heart keeper" is done and over with.

I know, I know. We kinda also want to know if people are still watching us and our stories, so we wanted some boy and girl names for our characters for the next story.

we would really appreciate it and we also wanted you guys to be involved a little!

We should also talk about, "Heart Keeper," in general because it's not getting a lot of views.

maybe it's because we took a longer break than needed and were forgotten about.

Not our fault to be fair.

Anyway, you guys should really check out our new story, "Heart Keeper."

also check out our very first story, "lovely yet difficult times!"

this is lovemuffin.

Still. Not. Doing. It.

and that's, cookiegonebad. see you later~

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Posted at 2014/11/04 10:02 Viewed 4 times

From Author

Me and lovemuffin are going to talk a bit more about a new story after the Heart Keeper is done and more.


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