“Fight for Your Life (Part 11)”

Ahh~ We finally made it to Toko's house~!

We're finally safe from all the chaos and bullshit. Unless you start to do something reckless again like threaten people.

People should watch what they say then!

What? That you slack off all year long and slide by because of the annual school killing week? How can you get angry at something that's true?

I-I try! It's not my fault that the teacher's can't make the work understandable to me.

Anyway, who cares? What do you want to do now that we're "safe."

I honestly don't care. As long as you're not killing people.

Then come here Toko~

W-Wait a minute!

-kisses Toko's cheek- Ha ha~<3

What were you expecting?

... Something more violent.


Let's just get some rest so you can clean up. You brought the stench of death from the school with you.

You could have put in a nicer way.

All I did was tell the truth.

Finally, a bit of alone time from all the craziness.

..Why did this whole school killing thing have to happen? Hanako would still be the adoring, gentle smiling Hanako I knew.

-picks up an old picture-

Toko: But you're not..

-sets down picture- I'm not the same either though.

Toko! Where are the wash cloths?

They should be in the washroom cabinet!

Oh! Okay~

She knows where everything in his house is. She just wanted to hear my voice..


What do you want!? You're not even in clothes! Just a towel!

I love you! Heh heh~

And then always sporting around in barely anything when we're together. She's honestly becoming a pervert.

-turns shower on-

Finally. Maybe now I can actually rest.

-lays down to nap-


WHAT NOW!? -answers phone- Hello?

Phone: "...if you want to get rid on Hanako....bring her to the bridge where the sakura blossoms...bloom." -HANGS UP-


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