“Lovely Yet Difficult Times(Episode 5)”


Hey Sam!

Sorry I'm late. Peyton wanted to talk to me.

You know you should only be friends with her. She's way younger than you.

Don't judge me.


What's wrong you seem down.

Let's just get to my house so we can get started on our project.


I'm back!

That walk took forever.

It was 5 minutes you lazy bones.

Well excuse me then.

Your excused.

Let's go play on your xbox.

We have a History project to start!

Fine then...


But frist you have to answer my question.

Fine what is your question?

Why did you look so depressed at the stream?

None of your business.

Fine then I guess you'll be doing the project by yourself then.

I...I was thinking about my past, okay.

Why we're you so glum then. The past is fun!

Mine wasn't. I was always alone. My mother had school to worry about and so did my Dad. My Grandmother mostly took care of me,but she never played with me or anything.

That sounds terrible.

The stream was the one place I could actually go and be happy.

Well guess what Sam your not alone anymore. You have Autumn, Peyton, Kevin, Sophie, and me now.

I know.

Now, let's get started on this project.


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