“Heart Keeper Episode 13”

Can't believe she would do that..

I need to hide.. i don't know if the building i live in i a good spot or not. They'll probably check abandon buildings first.

...I can't really think straight at this moment but I can't just stand here like an idiot.

Ugh..all these flowers. But, they'll most likely be able to hide me when I lay down to sleep.

Hayato, have you done anything to try and find her?

I've just been waiting to see if she would come back. I'll probably call Kiku about it and if that doesn't work we should probably call the police.

We probably should have done that long ago.


I'm gonna call Kiku..


Huh, what?

-answes phone- Hayato?

Hayato: Hey! Kiku! This is an emergency.

This is about Emi, yes?

Hayato: Yes. She's gone missing, or she ran away. We're really worried about her.

Hayato, darling, you're worrying about someone who's been on the street for most of her life. She can take care of herself.

Hayato: I don't care Kiku! She just disappeared out of the blue and I won't have it! Now, tell me what you know!

Okay, calm down.

Now look, Emi is like a stray cat, she doesn't listen to anyone and doesn't follow by anyone's rules. She wants to be free, now, where do you think a stray cat will go?

Hayato: I don't have time for this Kiku!

Hayato, darling, you're being quite annoying.

Emi, was like a Persian cat. She was pampered, fluffed, and spoiled to be worth a fortune.

But something happened to that cat and was now worth nothing, even to the owners. So, they "bought" another cat.

Who would hold their fortune up high and make them rich. Unfortunately, the Persian cat (Emi), had ruined their reputation, and the owners thought..

The only way to make their second precious cat a fortune, is to abandon the Persian cat and give everything they had to someone else. Just so their second cat could shine.

Hayato:..you said you didn't know much about Emi!

I really don't. I don't know what happened to Emi, her parents, her last name, why she hates men, and more.

What I basically did was give you the short version and cat version to make it less sad.

Hayato: That still doesn't help me figure out where she is.

Go where a stray cat would go, anyway, I have to go, we have school in the morning in case you forgot.

That's right we do have school.

I doubt Emi would go to school.. Maybe. She doesn't have t outfit I bought her though.

All I can do is wait, I guess...

Ugh, I'm so tired from last night. Ever since I got involved with Emi my sleep schedule's been ridiculous.

She hasn't come yet, I guess she really isn't coming.

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From Author

This is episode is probably gonna end at terrible time. =3= Because I'm dying inside and I'm SUPER tired. Idk.


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