Don't be sad.. i'm here to cheer you up!

There is no more hope, he likes someone else..

Don't worry, i ll send you someone adorable... you' ll be glad to have him!

Really? Who's that gonna be?


Good morning, ma'am... I'm here to be your partner..

Are you kidding?! He is too old!!

Aaah... I'm sorry!!! My bad!!

I meant this..!! Tara~~

Hi, I'm here to keep you safe..

Omg hello~ i'm Miisha... Nice to meet youu...

I'm happy to see your smile again..

Ah, you really understand me,.. thank you so much..

I'm gonna leave you two to get to know each other .. see yaa!

Haha.. He is a nice fairy , isn't he?

Shall we go somewhere?

Ah, i'm so shy...

You' re so funny, ...

Don't worry, i 'll always stay by your side..

And i won't make you feel uncomfortable..

I promise i will make you happy...

-The End-

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