Andrew Eng Oh hey, as you actually noticed, this message was probably sent to you for a reason.

It's your birthday!! Um, but yeah. I also realised that we're also on the moon

??? Thats because gravity. Oh and illogical situations make it such. Hahaha what a genius I am

I'm starting to feel that there's an ominous presence here... SHOW YOURSELF!!


Space Cat Hi my name is space cat. lollollol

And the situations becomes even weirder by the second. This was intended to be a birthday surprise but the cat became the surprise..

!!! Oh god, lucky me, this is a drea- Anyways, i forgot to say that I made a cake for you...

(He scrambles around and tries to find the cake, but it vanished)

Girl Oh my, this cake is delicious!

Andrew Great, so much for my birthday surprise again...

Anyways, thanks for reading. And once again, I do hope you have a great birthday yeah!

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Yeah, i like to use greeting programs!


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