“Lovely Yet Difficult Times(Episode 48)”

Of course that stupid cat would put me right outside of the castle walls.

All I know is that Suz is dead when I get home!

Local Citizen #1:Hey! Isn't that the eldest daughter of our King?!

Local Citizen #2: I think your right!

Dammit!!! Run away!

Wait! Princess!


What is it?

Your sister has been found! She is in the village down below. Nyan~

She's such a pain...

Orange-kun, call Ragi. He'll take care of my sister.

Nyan~ Right away Princess Suz.

*pant* *pant*

God dammit! She's a pain in the ass!


Now what!!???

...what are you suppose to be?

I am Raji. I have come to take you somewhere far away from here.

Suz put you up to this! Why!?

Princess Suz has her reasons for this. Now if you would just come with me or do I have to take you by force.

Force! Come, Rave!

I am your opponent! Come, face me!

So be it.

Suz! Dad! Chiuko!!!!

Sister! I've missed you!

You should have just listened to Ragi though...

What the hell was the point to sending me to Egypt!? Then sending your attack guard after me! Rave and Ragi are now both pretty beat'in up!

I...was trying to make Chiuko go out and rescue you.

You moron.

We all have our own problems to deal with. You also have your own things to deal with, no?

Yes...I have to go to classes to learn how to be proper, learn to use the table ware right, and....

Exactly, see we all have things to deal with.

Espically Dad and Chiuko.

I'm sorry... I just wanted to help...

I understand you just wanted to help your older sister.

How are we going to explain this to "them" though...

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From Author

Autumn tries to return home but incounters problems caused by Suz or people just regular incounters that happen with being a princess.


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