“Lovely Yet Difficult Times(Episode 6)”


Yes Autumn?

I'm just wondering how did you seem to get into my life exactly.

That's a difficult subject to explain.

But I'll try to explain it to you, at least to the point that you can understand.

Do you remember that day you and Sophie went to the shrine.

Oh yeah.

it looks beautiful here.

Sophie! *pant* *pant*

*pant* *pant*

hey autumn-chan.

You couldn't have waited til I catched my breath!

You should seriously think about joining the track team.

im to short and i cant run that fast.

It's okay Sophie if you don't want to nobody's forcing you.

i know but i just cant do after school activites.

Why not?

dont tell me you forgot autumn-chan!

i cant miss any of my anime shows that come on.


I totally forgot.

Thank goodness I didn't sign up for any after school activites.

yeah, for you to forget about anime though is weird. if you ever miss one show you would go into a panic attack.


you can be really overdramatic sometimes.

Like when?

remember that one time you jumped off that really high diving board and accidently did a belly flop. you said, "im dying help help!"

That was one time.

noway! there was that one time were you had hot chocolate and i told you to wait because it was still really hot,but you didnt listen and took a sip the yelled, "its hot! its hot! now my tongue has to

be cut off!"

We were little kids.

we were 11.

then there was the time were yo-

is it hot out here or is it just me?

It's you alright. I feel perfectly fine.

am i coming down with a fever?

How dare you bring up so many embarassing things and at a shrine of all places to embarass me!

its not my fault your overdramatic all the time!

You both are terrible towards eachother. Goodness we don't even want to know how you treat other people.

I'm hearing things again.

no i heard it too.

we are we?!

What are you-

talking about? .....

where are we!?

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From Author

This is a story about how Autumn got her mysterious conscience. Cotton reminds Autumn on where and how they met. But the question is what happens to Sophie thro


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