“Heart Keeper Episode 5”


Hey Hayate!

Huh? What's wrong?


You can tell me you know, I won't tell anyone else Hayate.

...I asked my Mom to let Emi live with us since the home she has now sounds terrible, but she said no.

I wouldn't let a girl live at my house either if I had such a player for a son either.

That's not the reason!

It's not!?

No...it's because when I was 5 my Mom was expecting to have a baby girl.

What does that have anything to do with Emi?

My Mom was very excited to have a girl and she did but...along with my Father....she died in the car crash.

I'm...I'm so sorry.

It's okay to ask, sure it's painful to talk about but it's something that happened.

I'll see you later Hayate!

Bye Kiku!


I thought you'd be up here!

I'm always up here and you know that.

Don't make it sound like I stalk you.

Anyway, you should come with me after school to a friend's house.

No way!

Why not?

Because every time you say that it involves a boy.

Plus I hate it when you have a plan and don't tell me about it.

Well then let me fill you in on what I have planned...



You know you shouldn't be in here, you know how people are with freshman here.

I need to ask you if Emi and me can come over to your house after school today.

I doubt Emi would agree to that.

Actually I talked to her about it before I came to you! She said, and quote on quote....


Was that suppose to be in a nice way?

Doubt it but I just wanted to let you know we'll meet you in the front of the school.

Whatever she's coming over at least.


Yo, Emi!

A little to excited aren't you?

No way! But...

Where's Kiku?


She's ditched us, I knew she wouldn't have told me the real plan.

Oh well, we can still go to my house and you can meet my Mom.

...that's a little weird don't you think.

Not at all I introduce lots of girls to my Mom.

That just proves how much of a playboy you are...!

You never really know if Kiku's going to show up though.


Ah! You spoke more than 2 sentences so you've stopped. Well come on!

....whatever stupid.

....I want to get you different clothes to meet my Mother with though.


Since your not arguing!

This is stupid, my clothes were fine.

That doctor's jacket is stupid.

I-Is not! It symbolizes my difference in this world!


Here we are, my house!

Mom! I'm home!

I'm glad your back!

Who's your guest?

Please introduce yourself.

Um...I'm Emi.

...Emi could you leave Hayate and me to talk alone. You can step into the kitchen.


You sir are a rat!

Mom...she needs somewhere to stay. Do you want her to remain homeless?


In her head:Emi:....they do realize I can hear them....right?



Mom I...



She can stay...

But! You have to do the dishes and laundry for the next 2 months!

Yes Mom.

Now tell Emi the good news and that she can get your stuff as soon as she wants and bring it over here.

Emi:...already heard...

She heard everything you know...

Don't make fun of me Hayate!

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Figure out why Miss Namaka won't let Emi live with Hayate and her.


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