“Way Of The Samurai?”

Heh, those losers think they can beat me? Hah, let them try...

A mysterious person begins to enter the room.

Ah, Kaneda what wereyou just ranting about?

Nothing Much Usami-senpai just on how those Samurai wannabes will never defeat me!

Ha ha ha ha Ain't that so Kaneda.

So what brings you here today senpai?

Well you see...Sakura-chan wanted to train with you today...

What... But senpai you know i don't train with girls!


No matter what you MUST train with her today. NO excuses.

But senpai...

There she is well i'll leave you two alone now good luck Kaneda.

Usami-senpai left the room leaving Kaneda dreading the oncoming presence of Sakura...

Sakura enters the room

Ah! Kaneda ready for practice?


W.what's wrong Kaneda? are you ok?

No.nothing you just startled me that's all...

Aww... there you go drifting off into space again. And you wonder why people doubt your skills.

Who doubts my skills?!

Ah! I didn't mean it like that Kaneda you're skills are amazing!

Ha...They are aren't they.

That's the first time i've heard you laugh Kaneda... surprisingly cute!

Me CUTE no way!!

Nah... I think you are

Yeah... whatever...

Knock Knock Knock

Who is it?

Ah it's me Kosura you rememer me don't you Kaneda?

Ah... Yeah come in...

Kosura enters

It's been awhile hasn't it?

Ah... Yeah i guess so... so what's up?

I want to get back together

Ah!... N.no way! keep quiet about that Sakura is here!

Sakura's here eh...

Yep... That's me...

And what was this about getting back together?

Gah! Stop...Don't!

We Broke up but i want us to get back together

You two were dating?

Yes... That's right


That's all i wanted to say i'll come back in a few days for your answer Bye

Kosura leaves

Hah... finally...

why are you always sooo glum?..


It's..It's nothing

I don't believe you...

You'd don't now...

Gosh you know i'm just concerned for you that's all

That's right... I'm sorry...

It's alright i'm here for you...

Why would i need that?

Heh... you never know...


Maybe even in 'relationships' too


Ha ha you know it

somehow i can't stay mad at you...

Hee hee

If you're so cocky why don't we battle

Ha ha cause i'd lose you're too good

If you win i'll take to out drinking...

Yay! Sake!

Ha ha ha

Battle Sequence Begins...

Prepare yourself...


100 damage...

My Turn!

Here i go!

Sakura leans in and kisses Kaneda

One Hit KO

Yay! I Win! Sake!

Fine let's go...

Here we are

Yay! Sake!

And there the duo stayed until they both got completely wasted and were kicked out

The End

Ha ha ha i was forgotten...

Well... now i guess this is the end...

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Funny story of a modern samurai...


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