Pum..pum pum..ooohhwoahhh....pum pum...ooooohhhhwoahhhh~

I know you love meh. You know you want me! We're just buddies, what are you saying?

My first luv broke my heart from the first start...and I was like...

Baby! Baby! Baby! Oooohh! Like baby, baby, baby! Nooooooo!!! Like baby, baby, baby..Ooooohh'nn

You suck!! I can sing wayyy better!!

Show meh then

I'm at a payphone,trying to call home, all of my change I've spent on you.

Where have the times gone?! Baby it's all wrong. Where are the plans we made for tw-

Yeah I- I know it's hard to remember the people we used to be. But all the times we wasted, all of our

Bridges burnt down! I've wasted my nights, you turned out the lights, now I'm paralyzed!

I'm gonna be straight forward...you ALL suck. Good day.

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Pedobear sings, "Baby" by JB


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