『The Beginning』

Waaah , this place is soo cool.

I'm so glad I moved here

If only Mika can come with me

Do you like it here?

Yes yes.. This is great. Thank you for taking me here

Alright then, i'm going to shop for our dinner. Don't go too far and go back home in time , ok?

Yes. I wont be taking long. I enjoy the view so much.

Be careful on your way home too.

*sigh. Somehow i miss my hometown.

Are you lost, mam?

Ah, no i'm not. I'm new in this town ,tho.

I'm Koto, nice to meet you.

Ah, ni..nice to meet you too. I'm Miisha.

Hey, why dont you come with me. I'll show you some cool places around here.

Ah, is that okay? I mean, you don't know me well enough and we just met.

I don't really care about that. You seem a nice girl too and im looking for someone to go with. I'm so bored

Al..alright then.

(Then we walk around this town , I've never felt this calmness before, this town is so cool)

What is your first impression about this place?

Eh? This town is so calm. The air is clean, unlike my hometown.

Yes . you're right about that. But this town has changed.

What has changed?

Never mind. It's not a good thing to talk. I ll show you some place else. Let's go

As we walk i keep wondering what has happened to this town. This town seems a good place to live.

Hey, what are you thinking? Check this place out

Is this a high school?

Yes, this is the only high school in this town. Are you going too?

My mom has talked about it. Maybe she has signed me up here, if this is the only school here.

Really? Because i'm going to this school too. I hope we are on the same class!

Yay, i got a new friend before i enter the new high school

Let's go then, before we are getting bored seeing this school, because we 'll be going here everyday starts from next week.

.... Ok...

I'm sorry, i have to go back to the bridge, my mom will be waiting there.

Too bad. There are still many places to visit.

It's ok then. I ll be meeting you at school next week, promise me we will meet again.

Ah, I..'m not sure,...

Thank you for showing me around.

You 're welcome. Shall i escort you to the bridge?

Ah, no it's ok. I remember the way. Thank you for the offer .

Ok, see ya.

*Sigh. Even though we are students , i feel quite uncomfortable to have a stranger as a company.

I'm already in this school. Shall i take a look inside?

Ah never mind. My mom must be waiting now.

Omg, right. Mom is here already...

Where have you been , miisha? I told you not to go too far, didnt i?!

I'm sorry , mom.

You must be enjoying this town so much.

I've got the ingredients for dinner already. Let's go back home, shall we?

What do you think about the house?

Ah, the house we currently live in?

Yes , of course. Your Dad chose this for us.

Ah yes, this place is good...

I miss my Dad too...

He has been going for his work, he hasn't came back yet...

This is where i start my new life,..

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