“No Other Than You! Episode 1”

At Sunny room...

Yea!!! Holiday is coming again...

But.. I miss my friend..

*Door Knock* *tok tok tok* Mother: Sunny, can mom let in??

Ok mom.. come in.. *open the door*

Urm... Sunny, can you help mom to buy the ingredients to make cakes?? Because the ingredients to make a cake already depleted.. Can you??

Ok! No problem!

*Give money and bag* This money for buy the ingredients and bags..


Mom! I go now! Bye!

Mother: Be careful my daughter..

Sunny walk along street.. Sudently..

Wow! A Cute cat!!

That is my cat.. Name Ryeowook.. I think my cats like you.. Anywhere my name is Sungmin.. What is your name??

Oh.. My name is Sunny.. Oh no! I had to go now bye!

Oh ok! bye!

Hey Sungmin, who is that girl??

Why?? You jealous huh??? I speak to a cute girl huh, Leeteuk??

Huh?! Aniya!!!

I want to know him more deeply .. but she had gone...

It's ok, Sungmin.. you will meet her again...

I Wish I could see her again..

After a few hours..


Hey Sunny, why you look angry like Angry Birds huh??

Hah?? Sungmin?? Emm... I not angry.. Just....


Just..... Nothing!

Oh ok! You have any number phone??

Err.. my number phone is ********** . How about you??

********** . There's my phone number.. Bye!


Sunny house..

Mom! I'm home!

Where that ingredients??

*Give balances money & bag full of ingredients to make cakes* Here are..

*take* Thank you...

*Phone ringing* phone song:Beautiful Target

*answer the phone* Hello??

Hello?? Can I speak to Sunny???

Yes.. I'm Sunny?? Are you Sungmin??

Yeah.. It's true.. What are you doing now??

now I'm reading the books.. How about you??

Oh.. I just lying on bed... Where did you school??

High School Seoul Korea.. You??

Oh... I school at Kirin Art High School.. Hm... Can I speak to you some thing??


Sunny mother: Sunny, your friend, Yoona is coming!

Sungmin, sorry... I had to go now.. Bye... *End call*

Hm.. Bye.. *End call*


Hi Yonna!

Hi Sunny! You want go to the beach?

Hmm.. Ok! Wait, I want to ask my mother first.. Mom!


Can I gobeach with Yoona??

Hmm... ok..

But! Do not do things, that could be inappropriate. understand???

Yes mom! thank you!!


Let's go!


*open the door*

*open the door*

Fresh Air!!!


To be continued...

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