“Creepy But Weird Ending”

Aww yeah! I just got myself some awesome new jackets!

(off in the distance) Hey you! Give back my fellow kitty!!

Oh my god! You scared me, man!

Who are you?

I can't reveal my identity but I will only tell you this, my name is Kishai.

Not to interrupt you or something but what is this kitty are you talking about?

He is white with a heart on top, do you know anything about him?!

Well don't be all about this and that about just one little kitty!

He's no ordinary kitty you know, he is one of my...........BROTHERS!!!

Wow, dude don't be all insane about it! Your acting like a maniac man!!!!!!

I'm not kidding, I am one of his brothers and he is mine!!

See!! I'm his long lost brother because he and I were separated by you FIENDS!!!!

Wait a minute when did you say you were his long lost brother all you said was that you was his brother.

Umm..... got to go bye!!

Well that was awfully weird.

Hey, Kyon!!

OMGEEZES!!!!!! How come everybody scares me like this!!!

Sorry Kyon! I didn't....

I know, I know that you didn't mean to do that you only wanted to surprise me.

Oh, well that was easier than I expected.

Hey, why don't we go somewhere to eat?

Mean, like... a... date?

If you want it to be. It's OK with me because I just want to eat.

OK, then lets eat over at Tsumi's ramen shop!! ;3

Now is this the end of our beautiful whatsoever creepy story? Until next time, I'm Fat Albert... wait, who messed with my lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well whoever did will die!

It wasn't me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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