“Hot Spring crisis(11.”

Ai!!! Why did you wander off!! You had all of us worried!! Especially me!!


Why, why, why did you wander off?!?!? You had me and our group worried to death even teach almost fainted!!

I'm sorry Ei...I-I met new friends though..and they helped me along the way.


Let me meet them!!

fine...stupid twin sis...

You just can't hide the fact that I'm older! By 15 seconds!

Hi there! You must be, Ei? Nice to meet you, I'm Mello!

Wow!! Nice to meet you too!! You are so full chested!!!!

Umm..thanks. No ones ever told me that.

Hi! Nice to meet you Ei! My name is Suzumi! I hope we can be great friends!!

Me too! Onee chan!!

Hi there! I'm Yuki! Nice to meet you Ei!

Wow!!An older boy!!Wait til I tell the whole group!!

Hey there little lady! My name's Kyo! Hope we all can become friends!


So tell me, you are Ai's older sister?

Yep! By 15 seconds!

So you two are twins?

Yep! I mean look at us!

First resemblance.

Second resemblance.

Third resemblance.

Fourth resemblance.

And! Sixth resemblance!

Do you see it know? Our resemblances, I mean.

You all see?! TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!

But I can't believe I'm YOUR twin...

You want the back of my hand?!

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