“The Boo Box”

If Cinema Sins ever did an "Everything Wrong with Hook" video, the penalty/sentence at the end would likely be the boo box.?

Holy Shit....?

WHAT THE FUCK?????????

That just happened! Nice call.?

What are the numbers for next week's lottery in Belgium please??

What is this Illuminati bullshit?!!!?

Holy Macaroni!!!!!!!! >:o?

are you god??

well done?

you called it?

It Was just now.?

Is your name Claire? Claire.... Voyance...??

Holy sh*t, you can read the future.?

Obviously Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson created a different account so they could get more attention...?

Nope, just guessed.?

They just released the video?


I know, but thanks.?

fking called that shit!?

And it was! Lol?

Beats me, I hate the lottery. It's rigged and you only get a small percentage of the cash, even if you win.?

none of us can call you fake because your comment is two months old?

Holy shit, you predicted it all!?


time travel exists!?

Dude just say the words we've been waiting for, Half Life 3 confirmed.?

What's that??

Oh my god... You were right?

It was haha (everything wrong with hook video)?

Bravo sir?

You are right.?

Your wish has come true?

your right?

They're watching you?

They did!?

that's actually so weird hey?

You are my hero?


they did...and it was.?

That's Glenn Close? I don't believe it!?

I know right?

theres a deleted scene where smee takes a shit in there after the scorpions get dropped in?

how did find the deleted scene?

Prove it!?

yeah! what you said?

guys it's true , I've seen it too . This is the real reason Glen Close acts so terrified .?


what did you look up to find the deleted scene?

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