Valentine's Day. They say this is when you wish a person you like happy valentine's day. Giving chocolates is also normal.

However, nowadays there is a lot of wrong things in society we live in. And people often get cheated for the wrong reasons.

Here is a true story that I knew of way back in high school. Something I knew of, but didn't tell many people.

Valentine's Day morning. A boy approached a girl I won't use real names here...

Hi, Misaka! How are you? Finished your homework for the week?

Ah yeah, I did. How's the work Sensei gave you? Did you finish it?

Oh of course. Hey, Misaka, can i....ask you something?

Y-Yeah, what is it?

Can you be...my valentine? *hands over a box of chocolates*

Oh my, that's sweet...but why?

Misaka, I've admired you for quite some time now, and I just thought today would be a good day for this.

Ah, okay..sure. T-thank you..

U-um...I have to go to class now. I don't know what to say, but I guess I'll let you know later.. Thanks anyways.

Sure...no problem.

Hmm hmm..

Heh heh heh...

Just you wait. I'll have you for all myself. And when you don't know about it, you'll get it.

"The top student of the school gets into scandal" Hah. What a good tagline for the school newspaper.

Well anyways, I don't really care. So long as I get to see the results, I'm sure things will get turn out my way.

Class has started, and things are going ok for now.

But Misaka started to feel quite funny at the moment.

Uhhh...what's wrong with me, i feel quite drowsy. Maybe it's because of the studying last night I did...

H-hey, are you alright, Misaka-san? You don't look too well.

Ugh, must be overstudying last night...can't see properly..

Sensei! M-Misaka-san isn't feeling right at all...

Oh, that's not new for her to do that. But we can give her an exception for today I suppose...

Will someone take her to the ward?

Yeah, I'll do that, Sensei. Come on, Misaka, we best hurry.


So, later on...

Oh...we're here. *falls on the bed and slept*

Awesome. Now,

It's time to get to work, I suppose?

Student #1 Hehehe, you sure know how to make things look intense eh, Yuko.

Student #2 Let's give her a lifetime of regret!

Alright guys, i'll leave you to that then~!

You can count on us! Yeah, let's enjoy this while we can!

Uh...i feel strange...why am I feeling wet?

This isn't right....huh?

Huh!? W-W-WHAAAA?!

Some unknown students were already licking her naked body all over as they had stripped her of her clothes.

One of them had a camera in hand whereas they climbed over her and was about to have his way with her.

Of course, they think she's still asleep so she quickly thought about something. And just then...luckily..


Shit!! Try to shut her up! COME ON!!

Oi, what the hell's going on!

Take that you bastards. Ya *hit the two guys quickly*

Aaaaaah!! *faints*

With the two of them fainted, the boy quickly dressed Misaka back to normal. He also wiped her body dry.

Damn, what the hell was that? Are you ok, Misaka?

Yeah, i'm ok. Thanks Oni-chan....

Happen that Misaka's brother was about to skip class but he saw her in trouble so he helped her anyways.

Right, we really need to get to the bottom of this. Who sent you here?

Ah, Yuko-san. But h-how and w-why?

I had a suspicion about this not too long ago. I heard of news about date rape drugs and the like. Say, imouto, had you eaten something recently?

I ate Makoto-san's chocolates. He proposed to me today so I felt bad and ate his chocolates he offered me..

I didn't know it was laced with drugs though..

Ah, that guy eh. Speaking about which, I thought i saw him making out with this red head chick in the other side.

I have an idea, Nii-san. *took up the camera from one of the students*

I decided to do a little payback on our friend of mine. I felt that prick deserved it.

Not too comfortable with that, but I hope whatever you're doing should be ok.

Have some water. It'll make you feel better after the drugs wear down.

Thanks, Nii-san....You're the best.

Don't mention it. Anything for my cute imouto.

Meanwhile, on top of the rooftop, Makoto and Yuko were having the time of their life.

They were about to get onto it like no one really watched them

So, this is what I'll get from you for doing that task, eh Makoto?

Why don't you come here and get some sweetness you little devil. Hehehe

Oh my, you know how to flatter a girl hey. Let's get some of that!

And so they begun their bouts of orgy.

while at the same time...

Holey shit....what the hell is this?

Nii-san you pervert. *hit his crotch*

Shiiiiit....that hurts Lucky me I had to voice my tone down...

Anyways, this is the shot I need to take. One, *snaps* Two, *snaps again with the camera*

She kept snapping at the two with the camera, zooming into the scene with intense, and snapped away furiously.

Whereas the two continued their bouts of orgy without realising what is actually going on.

And when everything hit the climax, Misaka took one final shot of the incriminating evidence.

Hah, that'll do the trick.

Serves those guys right for trying to trip me.

And now, time to send it to the Principal. Come on, Nii-san. we better go before we get spotted.



The Principal was signing some documents when the door knocked.

Come in.

Principal, there are two students here who claimed to have seen a sexual relationship take place on school grounds.

W-whaaaaat?! No kidding?!

Have them come in at once immediately. RIGHT NOW!

Yes, Principal~

Good day, Principal. As you can see there are some interesting things I want to show you.

So I heard. Please, hand over the camera, Miss Misaka.

I'm aware you're a high ranked student of this school, but I don't know how did you bring a camera to school.

I was happened to be almost a rape victim. One of the guys that tied to rape me had a camera with them to frame me.

I would have been a goner, if it wasn't for my brave Onii-san here.

Eeyup. Some guys tried to rape her. I suspect they're the seniors Joo Sheng and Cee Hon. I happen to pass by when that happened.

WWWWWhaaaaaaaat?! The school's top basketball team players are into this?

I-I don't know what to say... Kids these days..

-must be SEVERELY punished!!

The principal continued to look through the pictures on the camera with much anger.

Right. So now that I know who they are.....Miss Canterbury!!

Yes, Principal?

Make sure that Yuko, Makoto, and the two other boys involved in this are taken into questioning.

I had enough of things like this circulating around the school like a big scandal and putting people into trouble for wrong reasons.

Right away, sir~

I must admire your bravery to stand up to these bullies. And to your luck as well. I never saw this coming.

A shame though, Valentine's day is being abused in such a way it's not the same like before.

I'm just trying to protect myself, and being a rule following student.

Excellent. You will get the justice you deserve. Now, off you go, to class. As I shall do what must be done.

And so later on...

Two of you, where were you when third period was in progress?

Uhm, doing student community stuff by the teacher...

I-I was helping him out as well...P-Principal

Two of them look very nervous.

Very likely answer. How can you justify this as a "student community work"

He showed the pictures Misaka took on the projection player wide enough for everyone to see.

What a bunch of liars.


I-I cannot believe it! You set me up! How dare you, Makoto!

No..no..it can't be...

Both of you have nothing more to say? Then I think a letter stating of your expellation from this school will be issued to your parents.

Miss Canterbury! I expect a full report and the images supplied to their parents this instant!

Yes, sir~ Right away!

I cannot overlook this case, as I had done in the past. Same goes to the two of you boys over there!

Shit.....i feel so screwed up man...

Yeah...me too...

So basically, Makoto and Yuko were expelled from the school later on and never came back.

Joo Sheng and Cee Hon also were removed from the team and were expelled as well.

As for Misaka and her brother, well, they felt awesome for the rest of valentine's day and never had much problems later on.

How did I know this, you ask?

Well that's because I'm Misaka's brother's friend. And we used to go to elementary school before.

He told me this just a day after valentine's day. Pretty normal for a story, but if that really happened to you...

....It's quite extraordinary.

So remember folks, watch out what you eat on Valentine's Day!

..and watch out for wizards!

Hey nigga, want some magic space cake? Really good for snortin' some hot rolls of weed yo.

Stfu you disgusting creep.

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