“Lovely Yet Difficult Times (Episode 1)”

Hey Sam, we're still going over to your house after school right?


Why? Don't tell me your plans have changed?

Why would my plans change? We've been planning for me to come over to your house for weeks.

Well then, nobody can be suspicous when your around.

Hey sam I've been wondering, how big is your house?

It's pretty big.


Why is it a problem?

No it's just all of my friends have huge house's while I have my crummy apartment.


Wow Sam your house looks amazing.

Yeah it's pretty cool.

Pretty cool?! More like super awesome.

Sam! Is that you!?

Who was that?

Chuck my Mom's boyfriend.

Do you like Chuck?

Yeah. He's pretty cool, but....


He's to freaking prtective of the floor.

Well what's wrong with that?

You don't even know. If he even finds a single crumb on the floor he'll freak out.

Oh, well I'm gonna go get out of my uniform. I'll be back.

Sam! Where are you!?

I'm down here.

There you are!


Why are you a in a bear costume?

Nevermind that! I went into your room and fou-


You went into my room...

Yes, and I found this on the floor!


What do you have to say for yourself?!

It's a box of oranges.

No! It is a box of oranges-

That's what I just said.

Let me finish! A box of oranges that could attract ants if left on the floor just sitting there!

Whatever. I'm going to my room.

So Sam I-



I'm gonna go now.

....Autumn your seeing things again.

Hey Sam.

Oh hey.

So what did Chuck want?


Are you sure?


.....are you sure your sure?

He wanted your Mom in bed.


You deserved it.


You wanna go for a walk?


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Posted at 2012/07/25 03:21 Viewed 31 times

From Author

It was when I was sleeping over at Sam's house....it was pretty funny.


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