“Fight for Your Life (Part 6)”

D-Did that really just happen..? I should run! But I don't know where I am. -sobs-

Katsu: Rin! You can come in now.


There you are. I've figured out where you can rest! Do you want to see it?

N-No actaully, Katsumoto, I would like to just get home and sleep in my own bed...I'm getting pretty homesick.

Don't worry, everything will be fine. -goes to pat her head-

-pushes his hand away- A-ACTUALLY! I would like to stay near Katsu!

I...don't feel really safe at this time. With the whole annual school killing going on and someone trying to get me killed by hiring me as their substitute.

.... Completely understandable.

Would like to see my room then. I wold actually like to get out of my uniform and find you some new clothes as well...

New clothes? Rin likes clothes!

Okay then, follow me.

Oh wow! Your room looks nice Katsu! I was expecting it to be dirty!

... I'm going to go get changed and find you some clothes.

.... Stay. Here.


I think he knows... He's not an idiot. I'm dead if I don't figure something out.

Why am I so stupid! -cries- -sobs- -sobs-

Woah, hey? Why are you crying?

I'm tired, I can't go home, I shouldn't even be here and someone wants to kill me, Katsu! And...and...

I lied... I did actually look when you told me not to...


D...down in the living room area. There was a pink haired girl, she looked young....you...killed her.

Rin, does that sound like me?

I...don't know. I wouldn't think so.. I don't want to think so because you agreed with me when I was talking about how people shouldn't kill people no matter what!

Well... I did kill that girl Rin.


Now you have to be punished Rin...

W-We can work this out! I won't do anything!

You're right, you won't do anything. -pulls out butcher's knife-


-swings knife-

No! -rises right hand and gets cut- Ah!

Come back Rin.

No, no! I'm scared! I just want to go home! I don't want to die!

Rin, you're starting to annoy me. Get back here.

Leave me alone! I don't want to die! -sobs-

Come on, Rin. Don't be difficult. You're going to die some day.

Please stop!

Too much exercise in one day...

Rin, you've been bad and you need to be punished.

Please don't do this Katsu.. I still haven't figured out who wanted to kill me in the first place! Also I said I would trust you to not do this!

I told you to stay in the door way, but you didn't you broke my trust.

I didn't know you were a dangerous monster! You lied to me more than I have to you!

You said you also didn't like human being's killing one another no matter what the reason is! I said I would trust you to not kill me!

The second reason I made no such promise to and the first one I was just agreeing with your opinion.

You still lied..


I-I don't believe you're a monster!

So..before you kill me could we at least try and find the person who wanted me to die, and after all that if you...if you still want to kill me, you can.

.... I won't lie I do enjoy your company... You won't try and run away?

Nope. I promise to stay with you and follow your orders.

Fine, but if you break this promise you've made to me I will kill you right where you stand.


-puts away knife- You make me run all the way over here just so we can turn back.

I needed to buy time...

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