“Best Friends?!”

Woo Hoo!! School is almost over! Just a few more minuets! Woo!

Do you mind?! I'm trying to read...

No way Ms.Poopypants! Don't ruin my fun!!

"Ms.Poopypants??!!"At least I don't wear nekomimi on my head!!

T-that hurt my feelings Mio chan...why are you so mean to me?

Oh be quiet you whiner! Just be glad I'm not going to kick your butt!!

Something wrong Mio chan?

Yes...Yushin is bothering me with his noisy self!

T-T-That's it? Mio you get angry at the dumbest things..it's the last day of school be happy at least..please?

YO MELLO CHAN!! What's up!!

Are you bothering Mio chan again?

no..she's the one bothering me..

Well,they say when a girl is kinda mean to a boy,she really likes him.But can't tell him.So maybe Mio chan likes you?

What?!Anybody but her!!Why would she like me?!Especially Mio?!Mio is like a she-devil to me!!

I can't believe I'm in your guys' class...

OMG Hi Mello chan!! Something wrong?

Senpai...I think Mio and Yushin are at it again...

Them two again?!Why don't they say they like each other and end it?!!?

I said the same thing Senpai...I don't think it's going to work..

Leg's go mess with them! C'mon Mello!!

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