“School! Chapter 3: Fight Girls!”

W-who are you? Why are you here?

I'm Haneshi Katame, well, I was just going tour in this school.

Well, you should have someone with you touring around...if you want, it would be me touring with you?

I want I will be all alone touring around...

Just let me do it.

Still no!


Why are you going with me?

Just secret..

I know what you are feeling inside..

Y-you know? What?

You like me, do you?

So, you know...

It's not really like that. Someone even confess to me...

Someone? Who is it?

Secret, I need to go, bye!

She is really beautiful!

Hi, Haneshi! These is my new friend...

Hi, my name is Kaname Runo. You must be Haneshi Katame, right?

Yeah, that's me!

Do you know a boy with a jacket?

I saw him in the arts room...


What do you know about him?

Well, He is a nice guy and I want to be his Girlfriend..hahaha!

Wow, he said he like me..

You? You ugly face!

You called me ugly? Let's fight!

Let's fight!

Do it!

Take that!

I told you I will win, but he's yours...I have mine..


You and were fighting? Try me!

Bring it on!


You can't win from me!

Stupid girl...I know!

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