“School! Chapter 1: Haneshi Katame”

Oh, hey sis..!

Hi, Haneshi! So nervous with the new school?

Well, yeah!

I hope you'll get lots of friends.

I will, don't worry.

Ok, lets go then.

Class, we have a new student here. You can introduce now.

M-my name is Haneshi Katame. I-I'm glad to meet you all.

Oh, hey! My name is Harah Hanagoshi. Hope we will be friends!

My name is Kuroshi Kantome, Nice to meet you beautiful girl!

Nice to meet you, too.


Ten minutes later.

Oh Hey, Haneshi! Want to go out with me today?

U-uhmm... O-okay.

That's great!

H-Haneshi? You should join with us later, is it okay?

Well, Kuroshi asked me out...Sorry.

(Ku-Kuroshi? Kuroshi like her? Kuroshi is mine!)

Hey! Kuroshi is mine! Don't you get him!

He was just asking me out?

So you are not dating him?

W-why would I? We didn't even really know each other.

Next episode...

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