“Hot Springs crisis(7.”

Wow! That hike was totally worth it!

Yes it was, wasn't it? I mean, look at the beautiful hot springs!

Wow! Look a waterfall Ai!

Wow~ I wish my group saw this!

Oh man..I forgot about you and your group situation..sorry..

It's okay Onee chan! I want to be with you and your group!

Aw~Aren't you the sweetest!!

So kawaii!! Your doggy ears!!

Kyah~Kawaii desu!!

Aw~We aren't going to leave YOU behind!

Kawaii!! I'd lose anyone but you! I'd take you home!! You're too cute!

Why do I feel like we're being ignored?

You're not the only one...

That little Ai kid is making with the girls AND our teacher...weird.

Hey, I got an idea..*whispers in Kyo's ear*

WOAH DUDE! You can't be serious?! I'm not gonna do that! No way! Uh uh!! You're on your own this time!

Suit yourself.I'm doing it.

Sometimes I think you go TOO far on our plans...

Growwwwlll~I'm hungry!!!!!

Ahhhhhh!!! Pedobear!!!! Hiyah!! Hiyah!! Take that!!

And that!!! And this!!! HIIIIIYYYYAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *pow!**boom!*crash!**thud....*

That'll teach you, you Pedobear!!!!

Onee chan are you okay!?

Yeah, that bear was just trying to eat me.

Yukkii and Suzumi : WE HEARD A BEAR!! Where's it at!?!

B-b-b-b-b--bb-b-b-b-b-BEARS!!??? W-W-W-W-W--WW-W--W-W-WHERE?!?!?!

I'll crush that Pedobear's ass if it touches ANYONE in our group!!!

You're very scary Ayumi!!


TAKE THIS YOU PEDOBEAR!!!! *K.Os it to the hot water*

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