“Hot Spring crisis(10.”

*whispers* Um, you guys?It's too dark out here...Guys? GUYS?!

Don't worry, we're all still here.

Um, guys? I think I heard some rustling...

Eeeekk!! Something just touched my arm!!!

Hold it right there you Pedobear!!!

Take this!!! And this!!! Yukkii! Come assist me!

Together: FULL METAL BLAST!!!!! *BOOM!!**POW!!**WHAM!!**CRASH**THUD...**silence......*

I think we got him! Suzumi! Are you okay?!

Y-y-yes...just a little shocked now.

We should hurry if we want to see Ai and the boys.

After a long walk to the boy's side of the house, they finally reached it.

Aw~I never found my group at all..

Cheer up man! You're with the guys! Plus the girls seem to take a liking to you!!


I don't think I can stay here longer..I wonder if my group is looking for me?

Of course they would be. Why wouldn't they?

*Gasp!* Onee chan!!!! *gives her a tight, loving, welcoming hug*

Aw~ you're too sweet!

Ai!!! Come here!

*gives him a cuddly hug, and a light kiss on the cheek*

Inu! Ai!

*gives him a caring hug and kiss on the forehead*<---like a big sis

How come we never get greeted like that?

Not fair...

Oh fine! *gives him a warm,loving hug and a kiss on the lips*

Wow..Do you really like me?

Of course I do!

Great! Will you go out with me?



Um..hey, you. I have something to tell you..

Yes? What is it Yukkii?

I..like..you.. Please go out...with..me?

You really mean it? Sure!

You're not for real, right?

Nope!! It's true! I want to go out with you too!!

*picks Yukkii up and kisses her on the lips*


I had to hold you! You are too short!

....*blush* What does that mean?

I'm just joking! Don't take it so serious, okay? *hugs*

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