『Electronic Skin Tattoos?』

The neck tattoo is a no no for me. I rather die than have that on me.

Same, it's kinda eerie to me


Because if it were to come true,

Anything that they want to put on your body and that can track everything is the mark of the devil.

this reminds me of when the nazi marked the Jewish people.

yep. Scary shit

But will it make my phone better?

Thats what they want you to believe but in reality its for a bad cause.

Well said. Hopefully this will never take off.

fukin mark of the beast! this is not dissimilar from the book of Revelations as I remember it.

i'll pass on the demon phone-ink, thank you.

But if its predictions are true then you wont be able to. We will elect a one world government who will force this all on us.

Even for someone like me whos unsure what they believe, this actually does seem to be where the future is heading.

All these world issues that nobody is willing to fix and could very well even be fake

is just setting the stage for us to be in favour of a one world ruler.

Maybe world war 3 will have to collapse everything first, who knows.

I agree with you, it is indeed the mark of the Devil. I'll also never get one of those.

That tattoo might do that what they say it does, but it does so much more.

I'm grabbin my hunting dog, my rifle, a six pack and some things I cant mention here..

then its "'RUN TO THE HILLS". Satan's comin' and boy is he pissed!

Google will remember what you said here today.

Google never forgets...

It's scary how fast technology is progressing. Could Google be the next Skynet?

and you will die. surrender your flesh

i agree, sounds like an old trick the Nazis tried , just another way to monitor everyone at all times

You will be stained. Probably already have been.

I'm fine as long as we don't have the lie detector.

Well yea that's bye by freedom

it will. But more like an RFD chip

I bet atheist wouldn't mind getting it

It could be used for convicts and criminals.

It eventually will be integrated into society as some sort of,

"hip and cool" tech that all the trendy kids will have.

Then the govt' will make it mandatory so they can spy on you at all times.

Thats exactly how it would go down

I know man I understand exactly what your saying like what is the world coming to

sounds like the beginning of Feed tbh, except maybe a more Orwellian feel with it.

In the bible in Leviticus it says "Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the LORD"

the amount of times he says i am the lord though, he sounds kinda up himself

I have neck tattoos but nothing like that, I will not have any kind of technology implanted in me.

the idea of something implanted that big brother can track me listen to what I say and God knows what else just sickens me.

They already do and you don't even have the tattoo.

Not me either. You want to track me, you'll have to hire Daniel Boone.

But, I would bet you that they will line up to have one tattooed on their dicks.

It will be a mark. It will either be on your right hand or on your forehead. If you don't get the mark.

You wont be able to purchase anything or do anything.

We shall see how that works out for them Angel.

We shall see. You better be able to run and hide cause shit will hit the fan.

same here i dont like being watched or tracked everyday

People will be fooled that it's not a bad thing but a good thing and millions will have it. Dont believe me today but everyone will see

can't find me I'm a native Texan raised up on that cornbread if I don't want to be found

I can find a game trail and be gone changing direction and trail often.

I've always said everybody should wear tinfoil hats to keep big brother from beaming crap into our skulls.

why would atheists not mind? That's like saying bearded people wouldn't mind if WWIII came because they could use their beard as protection.

Lol, I dont believe in any deities. The only thing the government will be tracking is me constantly fapping to hentai lol.

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