“Fight for Your Life (Part 7)”

Have you put it on yet!?

I don't want to wear this! 8>///<8

Come on, we have work to do. I want to get to your house today then we can rest there til tomorrow.

This is humiliating!

Does it not zip up all the way?

...they're too big...

... Let's get going.

Wait! Get me a different outfit!

Do you know how to get to your house from here?


We'll go to the general store and see if you know your way from there.

So..I've been meaning to ask why you kill people? Or more of, why do you torture them..?

... Don't ask ridiculous questions.

I-It's not ridiculous to me!

We could probably reach our destination faster if you don't talk.


Fine then...



A-Are you sure you don't want to tell me?!

Nope. Especially since we've reached the store.

This requires so much walking, why couldn't we just have taken my car again?

'Cause what if someone went to a high extent and rigged your car, you could die from the explosion, they could have put a noxious gas in the car. Too many possibilities.

Way too many I don't want to look for.

We're at the store, do you remember how to get home now?


My house is that way!

Good job. -pats Rin's head-

Alright let's go!

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