Hi..Aiko. I hope you are doing well in a better place. I don't know what or who your sister wants. So..please give me a sign, Aiko.

Hi! What are you doing here?

Oh! Hi Kyon! I was just uh, praying! Hehe..hehe...

Oh, that's cool. I came to pray too. Can I join you?


I mean, no! I kinda want to pray by myself...if that's okay...

Oh? Why all of a sudden?

I-I Have to go!

(Hmm..Maybe I should ask Reiko...yeah, I will.)

Grr..How dare Mei say that Aiko is sweet and nice?! Ugh~

Why hello little girl, are you lost?

Haha! Oh hey Kyon~<3

So you actually DID what I said..

Wait a minuet..You mean you-know-what?

Yes. You know.

I can't believe you made me do and say it...You knew I loved her!!! YOU KNEW IT ALL!!!

K-know what?

Uhhh...yeah..so you see what happened was...uh..hehehe...heheh..

Tell me NOW! I want to know!

Well...Kyon made me kill my sister in order to date him..And then say to you that I hated her..But I really don't. I love her very much. I miss her......

Why would you do such a thing? I'm ashamed of you. You were blinded by false love, and threw out your loved one. Aiko loved you no matter what. You know that..

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