“Lovely Yet Difficult Times(Episode 19)”

The Next Day

Princess Suz...Princess Suz.


Princess you can't stay in here forever.

I...I can to.

Fine then looks like I'm going to have to take you by force.

W-wait what are you doing!!!!

Taking you somewhere special.

Whew we're here...you know for a princess you weigh a lot.

What's that suppose to mean!

I'm in my human disguise.

I brought you here so you can...

So you can talk to Leon.

But how....he wa-

For your feelings I...sent him to be someone else's conscience 2 days ago because I knew the consquence for his actions, he agreed to the terms of this agreement.

What terms?

You two can't see eachother in real life, you can't be in love, & you can't let anyone else know about this.

We can't be in love!?

No. It will just cause problems.

Wait where are you going!?

Hello Princess Suz.

Co- I mean Leon!

You can call me Cotton if you want & Princess Suz I want to see the "real" you..


There better.


Does this me make me look cuter~?

Look I need to talk to you about something...

20 min. later

You don't....

Want to see me anymore.

Look it's not that I don't like you it's just that...it'll be better this way.



So how was it?


Why are you jealous?

Don't you ever say that again or I'll chop of that mouth of yours.

Heh heh ha ha ha!


Ha ha ha ha.

I will leave you alone Leon,but I will not forget you. I'm Princess Suz & I don't love a servant, a conscience, or a girl....I love a jerk...who tricked me.

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