『Miss-terious Hotel 1.』

*sigh* (I hate this job...)Welcome ladies and...

Um...I see all of our guest are..female? Oh well. Please come on in ladies! Make yourselves at home. And feel free to do whatever! Haha!

Hey girls..I have a bad feeling about this so-called-butler.

Hmm...so do I..what about all of you?

Umm,well, not to be mean,but..I have to agree with you girls..I mean..I don't see any kind of guys at all!This hotel is full of girls.

Hmm..you're all right. I have a strange feeling about him too..but...

Let's just try to have a good time okay? The trip is all expenses paid! So cheer up, and let's all have a girls night out!!

Hehe, I guess you're right! Cheer up!

I hate to pause in like this but, it looks like our mangaka hasn't introduced all of us yet. My name is Sonia Miso.

She is Anya Puryu.

She is Ahniee Yuko.

And she is Saiya Kota.

Back to the manga....

Hey! Hey! Hey! Let's head up to our rooms!

Alright then.

Kyah! This is so kawaii! I call this room!! See you girls in a bit!!

AwwwwYeahhh!! This room is totally my style! See you all in a little bit!

Wow! A computer! Time for RPG and MMO's!! Peace!

I think I'll take this room. Not too fancy not too plain. I like it. Thank you for showing all of us our rooms.

Haha! No problem little lady! Ask us if you need anything! Or if a weird guy is here. Okay? Take care alright?

How is everything milady?

Everything's great. Thank you.

And how are things here Miss?

Oh, EVERYTHING'S great!! Thank you!!

Here! Take this as a token of thanks!! *blows kiss*

Awhk! N-N-NOSEBLEED!!!!!! Must...hurry...to..other..misses..... rooms....*falls over*

And how are things madam?

Perfect! Just perfect! Thanks for asking! Here! *gives a bag of cookies*

Woah! They have a karaoke room!


Until next time...dear readers.

You better read the next episode.........................

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