『Fight for Your Life (Part 9)』

Where is he.. He better not have got himself killed..


KATSU! -hugs-

I-I was afraid she would have done something to you!

I'm happy you care about me, but don't think of me as weak. To be taken out by someone like her..that's such an insult.

Anyway, you know where we're going now, yeah? Let's get going, I want to get there before it gets dark remember?

Yeah! We have to go this way! Follow! Follow!

She's too much like a little kid and a kitten.

So Katsu, I think now would be a good time to answer my question.


Katsu: What question? Rin: You know which question!

I thought I told you I didn't want to talk about it.


How about I tell you stuff about me first then?

Knock yourself out then.

Let's go back to when I was...20!

Rin: This was of course before the annual school killings began and I was new to being a substitute teacher.

Rin: I decided to go shopping- Kastu: What does this have to do with anything? Rin: HUSH! 8(>^<)8

Rin: There I met a man named Shinamu. He took the last 2 batches of bread and I kindly asked him to share one.

Rin: He kindly gave me one. I was surprised, he seemed really tough to approach.

Rin: We then continued to be friends, we would go out to places together with friends and become closer. He even gave me a silly nickname, Kitten.

Rin: Then we started to date and went out by ourselves.

Rin: Later I moved into his house. We encountered problems, but we overcame them. because we loved each other..

Rin: A year later, he asked me to marry him. We got engaged.

Rin: The next thing I knew, the school annual killings started. Shinamu insisted he still go to work...I waited for him to come home like I usually do, but....

Rin: He never came home...

Rin: It wasn't til the end of the week, that I was contacted that they found his body..I never got to see him again.

Rin: I never got to say how much I loved him one last time. I never got to hear his voice one last time. I never got to hear him call me, Kitten, again.


Kastu: -pats Rin's head- Rin: !

Whatcha doing Katsu?


Oh, Katsu! We're near my house! Hurry!

..she'll join you soon, Shinamu.

Katsu: ...maybe.

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