“Fight for Your Life (Part 10)”

Welcome to my house~

It's big.

Yeah, Shinamu made a lot of money. He wanted me to be a housewife, but I wasn't one to stay home all day.

This place is really HUGE.

Oh! Since we're finally at my house I can get changed!

You should stay what you're in. You look cute.

D-Don't be ridiculous, I'm changing! I'll be back, don;t do anything weird.

Sure, whatever.



Ah~ I can finally get out of these clothes.


-splashes water on face-

What's wrong with me..

She's becoming a hassle. She needs to go.. -searches around- Ah. -finds old barber razor-

-takes in a breath-



She's sleeping. It has been a long day. -sits on corner of the bed-

You're so confusing Rin. you trust a stranger,watch them kill someone and still trust them. Tell them about your life and then fall sleep around them.

You're too innocent.

I wonder what your, dead-husband-to-be, is thinking right now? -cups Rin's face gently-

Your life was ruined by this stupid annual school killing. You're the most unlucky woman I have ever met.

You're also the most childish, innocent, but attractive as well. -lays next to her-

I'm tired as well, lucky I locked the door.

..Rin. -kisses her forehead- ..Kitten.

My Kitten.

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